Uncirculated Morgan Dollar Roll 1883-O

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    The 1883-O Morgan is over 120 years old, coined at one of the oldest historic landmarks in the US! Earning its keep as a mint for over 70 years, the New Orleans Mint even saw through the Civil War, experiencing a change of ownership twice in two weeks! The Old Mint has seen three different ownerships: the US, the state of Louisiana, and the Confederacy. Unfortunately, after the Morgan silver dollar's production stopped, the Old Mint couldn't survive without producing the Morgans. The bulk of the New Orleans Mint's production was the Morgan silver dollar, so they literally didn't make enough money to stay afloat after the Morgan ceased production. Your roll of 1883-O Morgan silver dollars is considered to be in brilliant uncirculated condition, still holding on to that beautiful mint luster. There are 20 coins, in the tube, that should be kept in airtight containers for long-term storage.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1883
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