Susan B Anthony Dollar 1979-P BU Wide Rim

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    The Susan B. Anthony Dollar was only minted from 1979-1981, then again 1999. Like the Eisenhower Dollar, the public didn't take well to the new Susan B. Anthony dollar, leaving over 500 million to storage and collections. Since the US Mint used a portrait of a president for the last dollar, it wanted to resort back to Lady Liberty for the obverse design. With much protest, the design was chosen and contained a portrait of social reformer: Susan B. Anthony. Although it is a dollar, the size and metal composition of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar resembles the Washington Quarter. The 1979-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar contains a wide rim around the outside of the coin. The reverse displays the same design on the Eisenhower Dollar: an eagle readying itself for landing. Once circulated, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was used mainly for mass transit transportation or for vending machines.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1979
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