Susan B Anthony Dollar 1979-S Proof Type 2

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    In 1979, the San Francisco Mint produced two types of the new Susan B. Anthony Dollar. The Type 1 Proof coin exhibits a condensed and bulkier "S" mint-mark, while the Type 2 contains a longer and skinnier "S" mark. Although Susan B. Anthony herself was beloved by many, her dollar was not. The US Mint produced over 500 million in the four short years it was minted, with only a few actually used as currency. Since not many Susan B. Anthony Dollars were circulated, large numbers are available in fresh proof and BU condition. The 1979-S Proof Type 2 contains the thinner "S" mint-mark and exhibits a glistening proof finish. Susan B. Anthony was the first lady, to be featured on US currency, that wasn't Lady Liberty.

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    • Year: 1979
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