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Below are live gold spot prices per troy ounce, gram, and kilogram. You can also see 24-hour trends for each weight. Please scroll down for a full, interactive gold price chart, and view our popular gold bullion products.

At our gold price page, you will not only find live but also historical gold prices, together with an interactive chart that is able to accept custom data ranges. As you can see above, there are monthly, three-monthly, 6-monthly and even annual price charts dating back to our beginnings in the 1970's. Also, you may use our gold price chart for plugging in custom dates which will in turn allow you to view gold price movement over any range of dates you wish.

Spot Gold

Price per ounce: $2,427.34
Price per Kilo: $78,038.98
Price per Gram: $78.04
Change: 3.11
Updated: 07/15/24 12:39:01

What is Gold Spot Price?

The gold spot price is the most widespread standard used for gauging the going price for one ounce of gold. This price is often driven by a number of factors and these include market speculations, current events, currency values and several other factors. The spot price of gold forms the basis of determining the exact price of a gold bar or coin. The prices are normally set in troy ounces and will change in few seconds in the course of market hours.

Gold as an Investment

You can invest in gold either in bullion or paper certificate forms. Physical gold is produced by government mints and private companies. This is in the US and also throughout the world. The physical gold is most likely to be found in the forms of coins, bars as well as round form and several sizes occur for each form.

For gold bars, the sizes range from one gram to 400 ounces while for coins, the sizes tend to range from one ounce to fractional sizes. Physical gold, like most precious metals, is seen by many people as the best way to shield themselves from fluctuation of the stock market and devaluation of paper currency.

Investing in gold an also be through purchasing gold certificates. A gold certificate can be defined as merely a piece of paper that states that you own gold in a specified amount stored at a particular offsite location. It is not like owning gold bullion since you don’t actually take physical possession of the gold. Although some people like the ease of purchasing paper gold, others insist on seeing and holding the precious metal.

Gold Price FAQs

How frequently does the price of gold change?

The spot price of gold fluctuates every few seconds in the course of marketing hours. In fact, it can change throughout the day and is influenced by supply and demand, breaking news as well as other macroeconomic factors. The gold spot may be determined by various domestic as well as foreign exchanges, which allow the spot price to adjust from 6PM EST all the way to 5:15 PM EST, from Sunday to Friday. Note that each weekday, the markets will close from 5:15PM all the way to 6 PM EST.

What is gold price based upon?

Gold spot price fluctuates depending on various factors and these include supply and demand not only in physical but also in futures markets. Other factors that influence the spot price of gold are political events, investor sentiments, macroeconomic events and economic data releases.

How do we set gold spot rates?

We make use of up to the second data feed powered by This guarantees that at all times, our spot prices are very accurate.

What do the words Bid and Ask Prices mean?

Bid price is a term used to show the current highest offer to purchase in the market while ask price is the current lowest offer to dispose of in the market. In case you are buying, you will be required to pay Ask price but where you are selling, you will get the Bid. Bid-ask spread I a term used to mean the difference between Bid and Ask prices. Generally, a product is more liquid if the spread is tighter.

What is meant by the term gold futures?

The terms gold futures refer to contracts that allow a buyer as well as a seller to agree to trade a specific quantity of gold bullion in future at a particular date. Typically, futures are used by bullion dealers interested in hedging their physical positions. They are also used by investors that are out to grab large positions in gold market and who do not want to lock up so much capital.

With gold futures, investors can purchase contracts on margin, and this means that investors only need to deposit a small fraction of the value of the contract in cash in order to take that position. Generally, futures contracts will be settled in cash everyday and are very liquid. For this reason, the vast majority of contracts are usually closed out well prior to the delivery date. This means that actual physical metal never changes hands.

What are the forums for trading gold futures?

Gold futures may be transacted on various forums but COMEX, which stands for Commodity Exchange, is the primary forum where the standard contract represents 100 troy ounce of actual gold.

What is meant by the term the gold "fixing"?

The gold Fixing is a term used to refer to the rates determined by London Gold Fixing Company. The price is set two times in a weekday at 10:30 in the morning and 3:00 GMT in the afternoon. This price is usually determined by some LBMA market makers, and this includes representatives from Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Scotiabank.

Will I be required to pay tax upon purchasing physical gold?

There are some states that impose a sales tax on gold and other physical metals. If you are purchasing online, you will only be charged sales tax by internet retailers in case you are in-state customer and only if the state indeed taxes precious metals. Luckily, because of our location, we, the Golden Eagle Coins, do not have to collect tax on local residents of Maryland for transactions over $1000. However, consumers may still be required to pay use tax that is charged locally. For more regarding your state tax precious metal policies, read our bullion guide.

What is meant by an Assay?

This is an encasing or a certificate that serves to guarantee the authenticity as well as the purity of gold pieces. Typically, assays will have a serial number that matches the serial number that is imprinted on the gold bar, coin or round. Also included in the assay is the official assayer’s signature.

What is the number of grams contained in one ounce of gold?

Normally, gold is measured in troy ounce and this is equivalent to roughly 31.103 grams. This measurement standard was developed in France in the medieval times and later was to be adopted by the US for standard coinage in 1828.

What is the number of ounces contained in a kg of gold?

There are roughly 32.151 troy ounces contained in a kilo of gold.

What does the gold/silver ratio mean?

This ratio shows the prince link between silver and gold. In order to determine if the present ratios imply that gold or silver have been overpriced or underpriced in relation to each other, certain investors turn to historical gold and silver ratios.

What are the various kinds of gold bullion?

Generally, gold bullion may be available in coins, bars and round forms. Gold coins differ from bars and rounds in that they are manufactured only by their respective government mints and have a face value according to the country of origin. Several countries all over the world manufacture their own coins and they contain several designs and sizes.

Where can I purchase physical gold?

Here, of course. At Golden Eagle Coins, we provide a wide range of high quality physical gold commodities. We also provide it at the lowest price you can find anywhere. The links below have some selections that you might want to browse.

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