Susan B Anthony Dollar 1999-P Proof

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    The Susan B. Anthony Dollar made a short comeback in 1999. The US Mint received permission to mint the new Sacagawea Dollar in 1997 but since they couldn't keep up with the demand, they needed a buffer year allowing them to produce more. Since the Susan B. Anthony Dollar's design was ready to go, the US Mint produced this coin for one more year. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar had a very short lifespan, only circulating from 1979-1981. The majority of these dollars were mainly used for vending machines or mass public transportation tickets, leaving millions collecting dust in banks. The 1999-P Proof Susan B. Anthony Dollar shimmers with its perfect proof finish and carries the "P" mint-mark. New collectors enjoy starting their career with the Susan B. Anthony collection, since it is very easy to locate mint-state coins for a low premium.

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    • Year: 1999
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