Susan B Anthony Dollar 1999-P BU

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    Philadelphia was once the nation's capital, hosting the very first mint facility in the US. After separating as a nation, the Founding Fathers strongly desired a foothold in the international commerce game. In order to be put on the trading map, the US needed to produce its own currency. The Mint Act was also established to give the mint terms to abide by, when producing US currency. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar is the first US dollar to contain an image of a woman, that isn't Lady Liberty, on its obverse. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar also shares the same reverse as the Eisenhower Dollar, in a much smaller scale. The 1999-P Susan B. Anthony was minted at the Philadelphia Mint, proudly sporting the "P" mint-mark. This would also be the last year for the Susan B. Anthony Dollar to be minted, making was for the new Sacagawea Dollar.

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    • Year: 1999
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