Sacagawea Dollar 2002-D BU

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    The Sacagawea Dollar is the first US coin to resemble gold without actually being gold. This golden tint comes from the copper core of the new dollar, which is also comprised of a nickel alloy as well. Sacagawea is the famous Shoshone guide on the Lewis and Clark expedition through the Louisiana Purchase. Sacagawea left her homeland to guide these men from North Dakota, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. She mended the divide between the white men and the Native Americans, making cultural connections through their journey. Sacagawea has been a symbol to women for over a century, representing strength and independence in a man's world. The 2002-D Sacagawea Dollar was minted at the largest producer of coins in the world, the Denver Mint. The obverse depicts Sacagawea, fiercely looking onto her next destination. The reverse shows an eagle design, by Thomas D. Rogers, that will change by 2009.

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    • Year: 2002
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