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Sacagawea Dollar 2002-P BU

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    The Sacagawea Dollar began mintage in 2000, by all three US Mints. The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint facility to be established and didn't use a mint-mark to differentiate its coins. Beginning with the recent Susan B. Anthony Dollar, the Philadelphia Mint started putting a "P" mint-mark on their coins. The US Mint has had a difficult time producing a US dollar that not only fills circulations requirements but also is a collectible item. Since the Eisenhower Dollar was too large in size, the Susan B. Anthony dollar was constructed to be smaller and to fit into vending machine slots. To change interest and catch collectors by surprise, the US Mint altered the metal alloy for the Sacagawea Dollar so that it contains a golden hue. The 2002-P Sacagawea Dollar respectfully honors the historically brave Shoshone Indian, who made cultural connections through the Lewis and Clark Expedition, protecting their safety by her hard work.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 2002
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