Sacagawea Dollar 2001-P BU

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    The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint facility, to be established in the US, by our Founding Fathers. Along with the first mint being built, a Mint Act was also put into place, regulating what and how coins would be minted. Since the Philadelphia Mint was the first mint, it didn't need to mark its coins with a mint-mark. Even with the commissioning of new mints, only the Philadelphia Mint didn't need to mark its coins. It wouldn't be until 1979 that the Philadelphia Mint would finally place a "P" on its coins. The 2001-P Sacagawea Dollar carries the "P" mint-mark and is the only dollar with a golden tone, due to its copper core. Honoring the famous Shoshone Indian, the Sacagawea Dollar captures the bravery and loyalty that Sacagawea showed to Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 2001
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