Sacagawea Dollar 2000-D BU

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    The US Mint learned, from the Eisenhower Dollar, that a smaller dollar would be more sufficient when it came to currency. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar purposefully served as an ideal coin for vending machines and mass transit fees. The US Mint then designed the Sacagawea Dollar, which was the first US Dollar to have a golden color due to its copper core. Since the Sacagawea Dollar wasn't received well for circulation purposes, the US Mint produced this coin every year but didn't always circulate it. The 2000-D Sacagawea Dollar carries the "D" mint-mark, indicating its place of mintage was the Denver Mint. The obverse displays the historical Shoshone guide, along with the coin's date of mintage. The reverse design features the famous depiction of an eagle by artist Thomas D. Rogers. This would be the same reverse, on the Sacagawea Dollar, until 2009, when the US Mint would change the reverse design annually.

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    • Year: 2000
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