Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

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    When investing in silver, every collector and investor has his or her "go-to" manufacturers. The Royal Canadian Mint is among the list of a highly reputable source that provides precious metals products. Built just after the turn of the century, RCM has played an important role in Canadian history and currency. From their most popular collection, the Silver Maple Leaf coins, to more collectible items, such as their Wildlife series, the RCM has kept experienced dealers, in the precious metals market, content with their products year to year. Besides popular coin collections, the RCM offers other services that make them a one-stop shop for many dealers and investors. This mint produces all of Canada's circulated coins, along with other countries' currency, gold, silver, and platinum products. RCM also contains a Board of Directors, similar to the authority issued among private sectors. The president of the mint is also labeled the Master of the Mint and leads the Board of Directors. This incredibly organized structure makes it difficult for others to compete, plus the reputable standard RCM has set can't be beat.

    The RCM's new 10 oz silver bar is only a glimmer of what magnificence this mint can create out of precious metals. This .999 pure silver bar brandishes RCM's emblem first most, then displays the bar's weight and purity. A couple of delicate maple leaves are also a part of the design on this spectacular bar. Each bar gets assigned an appropriate serial number, inscribed on the beautifully sheer surface of the silver bar. An elegant design is included on each bar, along with a ridged edge to set these bars apart from others. RCM seals each bar into a plastic covering for protection during shipment and storage. If you are looking for the perfect embellishment for your personal silver collection, consider these flawless 10 oz silver bars by the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint.

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