Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1926

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    Approaching its due date of 1928, the Philadelphia Mint started to decrease the amount of Peace dollars it was minting yearly. In 1926, the Philadelphia Mint produced a significantly lower amount of dollars than previous years. Viewed as one of the lowest minted Peace dollars, the 1926 dollar is a must for any collector. The Philadelphia Mint, along with the San Francisco Mint, were the main producers of the Peace dollar and saw to its end of production. Your 1926 Peace silver dollar was minted at the first mint in the US and is in extra fine condition. Dollars in extra fine condition are usually worn, especially around Lady Liberty's hair and face, but still exhibit minimal original luster. Since the Peace dollar was the first US coin to memorialize peace and because of its short lifespan, collectors enjoy collecting the Peace dollar for its high numismatic value.

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    • Year: 1926
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