Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1925-S

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    Carrying a much lower mintage than previous years, the 1925-S Peace silver is a highly popular silver dollar. The highly esteemed San Francisco Mint is popular, due to its intense quality control during the minting of the Peace silver dollar. The west coast based mint is also revered for its excellently struck coins, that hold up beautifully over time, and even in lower grades remain appealing to the eye. The Peace silver dollar is the first US coin to commemorate the peace obtained from World War I. Your 1925-S Peace silver dollar contains 90% silver, allowing investors to also enjoy collecting the numismatic dollars, and is in extra fine condition. For extra fine dollar, a solid amount of wear on Liberty's crown and hair is to be expected, along with wear on the eagle's wings and breast. Extra fine condition is the final condition that slightly exhibits the original mint luster.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1925
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