Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1926-D

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    With only 5 dates marked with the "D" mint-mark, the Denver Mint barely participated in the minting of the Peace silver dollar. Acting as a back-up mint, the Denver Mint was mainly used for the production of commemoratives and speciality coins. But since the US Mint had a strict deadline, from the Pittman Act, the Denver Mint would be called on time to time to help aid in the silver dollar production. Since few dates are actually from the Denver Mint, many were placed into circulation with few to spare for collectors. Many of the "D" Peace silver dollars are hard or impossible to find in higher grades, such as AU or BU. Your 1926-D Peace silver dollar is the highest non-graded Peace dollar to be found for this date and mint-mark. Extra fine condition contains a good amount of wear, especially on Lady Liberty's head and face, but this is also the last condition to exhibit any of the original mint luster.

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    • Year: 1926
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