Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1927-S

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    A hot commodity in the coin world, the 1927-S contains the lowest mintage of all the peace dollars minted in the San Francisco Mint. With a small mintage of just 866,000, the 1927-S Peace dollar is difficult to find in higher grades but is pretty accessible in the circulated conditions. With a reputation that is over 150 years old, the San Francisco Mint is known to have outstanding quality control, especially during the mintage of the Peace silver dollar. The San Francisco Mint Peace dollars contain a bold strike and a solid luster. Your 1927-S Peace dollar contains the last amount of mint luster, fighting against the worn surface and image details. The Peace dollar was the first US coin to memorialize peace in the nation, after World War I. To protect your coin from tarnishing further, keeping it securely stored in an airtight container is best.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1927
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