Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1928-S

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    When the Pittman Act reauthorized the production of a silver dollar, it gave the US Mint a deadline. The US Mint was required to mint millions of silver dollars by the year of 1928. As each US Mint branch came closer to reaching their individual goals, they were able to greatly decrease how many dollars to mint each year. By the last year, 1928, the San Francisco decreased its production by the millions, and only produced just a little over one million for the Peace dollar's last year of production. Your 1928 Peace silver dollar proudly carried the "S" mint-mark and is in extra fine condition. Collectors usually expect a slightly worn surface, when it comes to dollars in extra fine condition. Extra fine condition is also the last grade that the original mint luster is semi-present on the Peace silver dollar. Since 1928 was a monumental date, for the Peace silver dollar, it is in high demand for any mint-mark.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1928
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