Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1934-D

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    Since silver is extremely unpredictable, the end of a silver dollar is never for certain. For example, the Morgan dollar's reign lasted until 1904 just to have it return in 1921. The same goes for the Peace silver dollar, meeting its quota in 1928 but due to silver dropping, returned in 1934. It is because of unpredictability that some dollars contain more numismatic value than others. To top it off, the Denver Mint produced only one date, 1934, during the return of the Peace dollar. The Denver has 5 dates to its name, causing collectors to be drawn to the dollars marked with "D". Your 1934-D Peace silver dollar was minted by the lead producer of coins in the world, the Denver Mint. With slightly worn images details and a luster that is almost faded, your coin is in extra fine condition. Due to the low premiums and availability of difficult coins, novice collectors prefer extra fine condition coins over the higher grades.

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    • Year: 1934
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