Peace Silver Dollar Extra Fine 1923-D

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    The Denver Mint wasn't known by collectors until the 1920's, when it produced the Morgan and Peace silver dollar. Although it did produce commemorative or speciality coins before the silver dollars, many connect the Denver Mint to more recent years. Even with a smaller reputation than the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mint, the Denver Mint is now the largest producer of coins in the world! When the Pittman Act of 1918 was passed, the US Mint needed to produced millions of silver dollars over a set period of time. In 1921, the Morgan and Peace dollar was created but the Denver Mint wouldn't follow suit until the next year. Your 1923-D Peace dollar is only one of five dates that carry the "D" mint-mark. All of the Denver Peace dollars are in high demand by collectors, especially in the higher grades. The extra fine peace dollars are prime real estate, for new collectors, since they still contain a little bit of their luster but are sold at lower premiums.

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    • Year: 1923
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