Baird Mint One Tenth Ounce Rhodium Bar

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    Rhodium bars from the Baird Mint are an excellent way to diversify your precious metals investment portfolio. Each 1/10th oz rhodium bar contains exactly that, one-tenth ounce of pure .9990 rhodium. Every rhodium bar comes enclosed in a sealed assay card keeping the bar protected from the elements.

    The obverse of each rhodium bar is stamped with the weight and purity “TENTH OUNCE 999.9 Fine Rhodium” as well as “Baird and Co. Bullion Merchants LONDON.” The reverse of the rhodium bars are stamped with “”

    Rhodium is one rarest of all precious metals. A naturally silver-white metal, rhodium is chemically inert and a member of the platinum group. It was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston right after he discovered platinum. Rhodium is hard, durable and has a high reflectance. The main use for rhodium is in 3-way catalytic converters made for automobiles (roughly 80% of the world’s rhodium output). Because rhodium is chemically inert against aggressive chemicals and corrosion, it is often used in high-temperature applications as well as being alloyed with platinum or palladium.

    Investing in rhodium has been on people’s radar since during the 2007-2008 economic crisis it topped $10,000 per ounce. Rhodium bullion from the Baird Mint is an excellent way to invest in the rarest of all metals.

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ One of the very very few rhodium products
★★★★★ Excellent product!
I always wanted Rhodium. Now that it is finally available in bullion bars, I purchased a couple. It is so rare! It makes a nice addition to my other bullion. I am very satisfied. Your service is really good!