Australian Kookaburra Kilo Silver 1992

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    Being the oldest operating mint in Australia, the Perth Mint has quite an honorable reputation when it comes to minting precious metals. It began its production of precious metal products in 1899, seeing the most of the famous gold rushes and miners who gave their lives in the name of investment. Nowadays, the Perth Mint still produces most of Australia's legal tender numismatic coins and bullion bars for the high demand coming from coin collectors and investors. In 1990, the Perth Mint first introduced the Silver Kookaburra Coin series for their new bullion collection. While the Perth Mint produces this incredible collection, in different size increments, it is also maintaining low mintages and making this series highly collectible. In 1992, only 47,348 Kilo Kookaburras were produced and are not easy to keep in any inventory for long!

    Enjoy owning one kilo of .999 pure silver, while also appreciating the craftsmanship behind the design of the fabulous Kookaburra series. The kookaburra is a bird indigenous to Australia that exhibits quite a unique call. Locals have deemed the kookaburra's call representative of human laughter and depending on which type of kookaburra, the laughs are different. A lone kookaburra sits prominently on a tree stub, intently focused on something in the distance. The bird is surrounded by foliage to insinuate the bird's natural habitat among the trees. The reverse bears the name of the series, "The Australian Kookaburra," the weight and purity of the coin, and the date of mintage, "1992." The obverse showcases the monarch herself, Queen Elizabeth II, as a young patriarch and eloquently wearing her famous crown. The coin's legal tender value also accompanies the queen on the obverse.

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