Uncirculated Gold Buffalo Coin One Ounce 2016

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    The 2016 Uncirculated Gold Buffalo Coin celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year! Going down in history as the first 24-karat gold coin to be produced by the US Mint, the Uncirculated Gold Buffalo Coin was first released in the Summer of 2006. The design is rooted in American history, inspired by the Indian Head Nickel design of 1913. James Earle Fraser is the artist responsible for such a stunning coin design, meeting an American bison in real life, just to draw it portrait. Black Diamond is the American Bison used as a model for the buffalo design. It has been recorded Fraser needed to constantly distract the beast, while drawing its portrait, to contain the side profile view, due to the bison wanting to constantly look forward.

    This emblematic design has been consistently resurrected for other bullion products over the years and has never tired in popularity. For those who enjoy the process of buying gold, for investment purposes or sheer pleasure, the Uncirculated Gold Buffalo Coins should be included on their list! The Uncirculated Gold Buffalo Coins do not have unlimited mintages, like many other bullion coins, resulting in a yearly free for all, among collectors and investors, once the coin is released.

    Coin Highlights
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -Weighs one ounce of .999 pure gold.
    -Carries a "F" mark, underneath the date, that stands for Fraser, the designer.
    -Obverse: Inspired by the iconic Indian Head Nickel design, the obverse displays a side profile portrait of a male Native American. Although the coin is in prime BU condition, the obverse background has a proof-like sheen to it. The coin's date of mintage is discreetly notes on the obverse as well.
    -Reverse: The famous American Bison, Black Diamond, is pictured on the reverse. The coin's weight and purity are inscribed below the animal, as well as the legal tender value of $50.

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    • Year: 2016
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