Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1979-D

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    When the Eisenhower Dollar's production was completed, the US Mint wanted to feature smaller dollar with a female portrait. Originally Lady Liberty, there were protests for an actual woman to earn the spot on the new dollar. Susan B. Anthony's portrait was chosen, honoring the young social reformer, who was a part of the antislavery and women's suffrage movements. The Denver Mint slowly but surely has gotten its foothold in the coin industry. First established in 1906, the Denver Mint barely produced any coins for circulation. As years pass on, the Denver Mint started to produced more and more coins and has now earned the title of lead coin producer in the world! The 1979-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar contains 20 coins, all carrying the "D" mint-mark and are in pristine brilliant uncirculated condition. Susan B. Anthony was the first real female to be featured on US currency.

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    • Year: 1979
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