Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1979-P

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    Known for her efforts in the women's suffrage and antislavery movements, Susan B. Anthony was the inspiration for the dollar minted from 1979-1981, is . Born into a Quaker family, Anthony strongly fought for social equality, whether it was for antislavery or women's rights. Since women didn't have the right to vote, Anthony broke the law and voted in Rochester, New York, in 1872. She refused to pay the fine and to downplay her offense, there was no trial held for her "misconduct." When the US Mint wanted to make another US dollar, they desired for another Lady Liberty design. But there were protesters who fought for a female's portrait to be featured so Susan B. Anthony won the debate. The 1979-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll consists of 20 coins in a plastic tube and are protected during shipment. These coins are in pristine brilliant uncirculated, carrying the first ever "P" mint-mark.

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    • Year: 1979
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