1971 Eisenhower Dollar Roll BU

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    The 1971 Eisenhower dollar was minted at the very first mint, in the US, the Philadelphia Mint. Containing no silver at all, the copper-nickel based coin is mainly used for collection purposes, not circulation. Being the first coin minted with the one dollar denomination since the Peace dollar, the Eisenhower's popularity took off. Honoring Eisenhower, who passed in 1969, a legislation was passed that allowed his face to be on the obverse on the new dollar. Barely a circulated coin, the 1971 Eisenhower is plentiful in prime brilliant uncirculated condition. Since the bullion prices were increasing, in 1965, the US Mint was forced to use a copper-nickel combination that cut the amount of silver needed for the coins. The 1971 Eisenhower Dollar Roll contains 20 coins, all in brilliant uncirculated condition and come in a plastic tube.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1971
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