Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1999

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    The Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll, containing 20 coins from 1999, stands as a significant collection piece that encapsulates a pivotal moment in the history of United States currency. This series of dollar coins, reintroduced in 1999 after a hiatus, marked the culmination of a series that began in 1979, intended to replace the larger Eisenhower dollar with a more practical and economically efficient size. The Susan B. Anthony dollar was groundbreaking, not only for its design and utility but also as the first U.S. coin to honor a non-mythical female figure, symbolizing a step forward in the recognition of women's contributions to American history.

    The design of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar features the likeness of Susan B. Anthony on the obverse, a pioneer in the women's suffrage movement, making it a significant piece of numismatic art that merges monetary utility with historical commemoration. The reverse side of the coin bears an eagle landing on the moon, an adaptation from the Apollo 11 mission insignia, symbolizing American innovation and the spirit of exploration. This design choice not only pays homage to Anthony's legacy but also reflects the nation's technological achievements and aspirations during the era of its initial release and subsequent reintroduction in 1999.

    The 1999 reissue of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was prompted by a depletion of the existing stockpile of dollar coins and the need for a stopgap measure until the introduction of the Sacagawea dollar in 2000. Minted primarily at the Philadelphia and Denver mints, the 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollars were produced in quantities sufficient to meet the demand for dollar coins in commerce. The reintroduction served both practical purposes in the U.S. monetary system and provided collectors with a renewed interest in a coin that had experienced mixed public reception during its initial years of circulation.

    The condition of these coins, preserved in a roll and likely having seen minimal to no circulation, presents them in a state close to their original mint condition. Collectors value such rolls for the opportunity to own multiple examples of this historic coin in excellent condition, offering a glimpse into the coin's minting quality, design details, and the preservation of its luster. These rolls not only represent a piece of numismatic history but also serve as a tangible connection to the broader narrative of American currency and its evolution.

    The 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll, containing 20 coins, symbolizes more than just a monetary tool; it represents a historical artifact that commemorates the legacy of Susan B. Anthony and her contributions to the fight for women's rights. Beyond its function as legal tender, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar embodies the intersection of American history, culture, and innovation. As a collector's item, this roll of coins captures the essence of a transitional period in U.S. coinage, bridging the gap between the 20th and 21st centuries, and highlighting the ongoing evolution of the nation's values and ideals as reflected in its currency.

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