Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1999-D

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    The Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll, comprising 20 coins minted in 1999-D, represents a significant chapter in the annals of United States coinage. Released at the tail end of the 20th century, these coins marked the return of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which initially saw circulation from 1979 to 1981 and then briefly in 1999. Minted at the Denver Mint, as indicated by the 'D' mint mark, this series was reintroduced to meet the ongoing demand for dollar coins in commerce, bridging the gap until the introduction of the Sacagawea dollar in 2000. The issuance of the Susan B. Anthony dollar in 1999 after a hiatus is a testament to the coin's enduring utility and significance in American currency.

    The design of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar is both historical and emblematic, featuring the pioneering suffragette Susan B. Anthony on the obverse. This representation made the Susan B. Anthony dollar the first U.S. coin to feature a real, non-allegorical female figure, symbolizing a significant acknowledgment of women's contributions to American history and society. The reverse side of the coin depicts an eagle landing on the moon, derived from the Apollo 11 mission insignia, symbolizing American achievement and the spirit of exploration. The confluence of these design elements on the coin underscores the United States' commitment to progress, equality, and innovation.

    The production of the 1999-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar was a direct response to the depletion of dollar coin inventories and the impending introduction of a new dollar coin series. Despite its limited circulation life, the Susan B. Anthony dollar's 1999 reissue underscored the practical challenges and considerations involved in circulating dollar coinage in the United States. The Denver Mint's involvement in this production ensured a high-quality minting process, contributing to the overall legacy of the Susan B. Anthony dollar as a bridge between eras of American coinage.

    In 'Brilliant Uncirculated' (BU) condition, this roll of 20 coins from the Denver Mint is preserved with minimal handling, showcasing the original luster and intricate details designed by Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro. Collectors and numismatists cherish such rolls for their historical value and the opportunity to own multiple examples of this culturally significant coin in exceptional condition. This preservation level offers a window into the coin's aesthetic qualities and the minting standards of the late 20th century, enhancing its appeal as a collectible.

    The 1999-D Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll is more than just a collection of coins; it embodies a pivotal moment in the evolution of U.S. currency, reflecting broader societal values and milestones. As the last issuance of the Susan B. Anthony dollar before the transition to the Sacagawea series, it represents the culmination of efforts to produce a practical and symbolically rich dollar coin. For collectors, historians, and enthusiasts, this roll captures the essence of a transformative period in American numismatics, bridging historical reverence with forward-looking innovation in the nation's coinage.

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