Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1979-S

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    Susan B. Anthony was a social reformer and feminist, mainly remembered for her efforts in the antislavery and women's suffrage movements. Anthony is also the first woman to be featured on a dollar that isn't Lady Liberty. The San Francisco Mint has held into its 150 year reputation of high quality control and excellently struck coins. The San Francisco Mint also participated in the minting of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, that was in a quick circulation from 1979-1981. Mainly used for vending machines and mass public transportation, the US Mint had a difficult time getting the Susan B. Anthony Dollar off the ground. Since very few were circulated, there are millions available in pristine condition. The 1979-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll contains 20 coins, in excellent brilliant uncirculated condition, all carrying the beloved "S" mint-mark.

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    • Year: 1979
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