Sacagawea Dollar 2011-D BU

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    Being an established mint for over 100 years, the Denver Mint has assisted in some of the most popular coin series in the US. Often thought of as a "lesser" mint, when compared to the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mint, the Denver Mint has earned the title of lead coin producer, in the world, in recent years. The Sacagawea Dollar is just another major coin series the Denver Mint aided in producing. In 2009, the US Mint changed some important characteristics of the Sacagawea, such as changing the reverse design on a yearly basis and placing the date of mintage and mint-mark on the rim of the coin. The 2011-D Sacagawea Dollar is in prime brilliant uncirculated condition and comes packaged in a coin flip. Carrying the "D" mint-mark, the 2011-D Sacagawea Dollar's reverse design reveals a moment the Wampanoag Treaty.

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    • Year: 2011
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