Sacagawea Dollar 2013-D BU

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    Over the last 40 years, the US Mint has produced a few different kinds of dollar collections that are both inexpensive and easy to obtain. These collections have become some of the most loved coins by collectors and generations after them. The Sacagawea Dollar followed suit, after the Susan B. Anthony Dollar and the Eisenhower dollar, and became the first US dollar to contain a golden hue. Sacagawea aided in the Lewis and Clark expedition and has since become a symbol in the women's rights movements. Admired for her bravery and independence, Sacagawea's lovely portrait is delicately engraved on the US dollar. The 2013-D Sacagawea Dollar is in pristine brilliant uncirculated condition and is packaged in a coin flip for protection. It carries the "D" mint-mark, as well as the year of mintage, on the rim of the coin. The Sacagawea Dollar series is perfect for anyone who would like to start an easy and accessible series!

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    • Year: 2013
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