Sacagawea Dollar 2010-D BU

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    The Shoshone Native American, Sacagawea, helped guide Lewis and Clark on their historical expedition through the Louisiana Purchase. Since the US was still heavily occupied by Native Americans, the famous duo needed someone to bridge the gap between the cultural divides. Sacagawea has been admired for not only her bravery, but also her strong independence and self-less attitude. Following the footsteps of Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea also has made a monumental impact on the women's rights movements of the early 1900's. Being an emblem of what an independent and brave woman looks like, Sacagawea has been respected for years. The 2010-D Sacagawea Dollar was minted at the world's largest coin producer, the Denver Mint, and carries the "D" mint-mark. For the fifteen years this coin was minted, it's obverse never changed, except for the placement of the date of mintage. The reverse, however, remained the same until 2009, then it was changed annually.

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    • Year: 2010
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