Presidential Dollars Rutherford B Hayes 2011-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Severely underrated, Rutherford B. Hayes became the 19th president of the United States. Although Hayes' presidency remains at historians bottom rankings, Hayes was extremely successful in handling the US post Civil War. Educated as a lawyer in Ohio, Hayes joined the Army at the beginning of the Civil War. Injured 5 times in the war, Hayes earned a bravery badge and was promoted the General. Hayes left the Army to serve in Congress, then was elected as Ohio's governor for 3 terms. Hayes became a part of one of the most controversial presidential elections to date. Losing the popular vote to his running mate, Hayes strongly dominated in the electoral college vote. Obviously Hayes was elected into office but not without a few contingencies. Before Hayes was sworn into office, Hayes has to end the Reconstruction Era and pull all military out of Southern politics. Hayes strongly believed in social equality and education reform, two ideas he would chase after when his presidency ended.

    Rutherford B. Hayes may not go down in history books as one of the top presidents but his success as president should not be overlooked. Hayes cared for all walks of life, wherein race was never a factor, and he signed off on several bills demanding civil reform. This outstanding president's portrait is displayed on the obverse of the 2011-P Presidential Dollar, as well as his single term in the Oval Office. The reverse features Statue of Liberty, as she is portrayed in Manhattan's harbor, holding a torch and wearing a crown. The coin's monetary denomination is also included on the reverse, with a face value of one dollar. Collectors are naturally drawn to the coin's golden color, due to its copper and manganese brass metallic alloy. It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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