Presidential Dollars Benjamin Harrison 2012-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    With a president already in his family, Benjamin Harrison became the 23rd president of the United States. Beating out Grover Cleveland, who was running for his second term, Harrison was the grandson of the 9th president, William Henry Harrison. Harrison resided in Indianapolis, where he was an established local attorney and politician. Like many other presidents, Harrison served in the Union during the Civil War as colonel. Years later, he was elected into the Senate where he began his political career. As a Republican, Harrison fought for civil rights among the African American community, as well as spending more in federal money to give towards education. He also created the National Forests, which are protected against decimation, and he strengthened and modernized the US Navy. Harrison accomplished many great things while in office but doesn't rank high among historians' lists of presidents.

    Beginning in 2007, the Presidential Dollar series was the first coin collection to memorialize past presidents. Going in chronological order and starting with George Washington, four dollars are minted yearly, containing four presidents at a time. Although the golden tone of these dollars can fool you, the Presidential Dollars are not made of gold; in fact, the golden hue stems from a copper and manganese brass alloy. The Philadelphia Mint proudly produces the Presidential Dollars, since it was established by the Founding Fathers. Benjamin Harrison's portrait is depicted on the obverse, as well as his single term in office is also noted. The Statue of Liberty reigns on the reverse, along with the coin's legal tender value. All brilliant uncirculated Presidential Dollars come in rolls of 25 and cannot be guaranteed that they are in their original paper packaging. Please give us a call so we can check our inventory for the original mint packaging.

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