Presidential Dollars James Garfield 2011-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Most known for his assassination, just 200 days into his presidency, James Garfield was a great president who accomplished many goals for such a short term. Born and raised on a humble farm in Ohio by his widowed mother, Garfield became the jack of many trades. Although he was busy making ends meet for his mom, he was still able to attend school, wherein he learned about politics. Garfield served in the Senate just a few years shy of graduating college and being a newly wed. When the Civil War broke out, like many other presidents, Garfield left his day job to become an officer in the Union Army. Garfield earned the attention of Republicans by his congressional service after the war. He supported the gold standard, which prohibited the circulation of silver as currency, and he was very interested in civil service reform. In his presidency, the signed a few very affective bills, that protected the gold standard, empowered America's Navy, enforced rights for freed men. In the Summer of his presidency, Garfield was shot twice, surviving for over twenty days before succumbing to his injuries. One of Garfield's final curiosities was if he would go down in history for his presidency.

    The Presidential Dollar series began in 2007 and memorializes four presidents at a time. Sharing the 2011 obverse with James Garfield are Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Rutherford B. Hayes, with Garfield bringing up the rear. James Garfield's portrait is displayed on the obverse, with his shortened term also inscribed. The United States' icon, Statue of Liberty, graces the reverse design. The Denver Mint aids in the production of the Presidential Dollar series, reigning as lead producer of coins in the world. There are 25 brilliant uncirculated coins to an official roll of dollars, all of which contain a copper/brass alloy. It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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