Presidential Dollars Grover Cleveland 2012-D 25 pcs, 1st term (Roll)

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    With an early childhood dating back to New Jersey, Grover Cleveland started out in humble beginnings. Having a minister for a father and a daughter of a bookseller for a mother, Cleveland's family couldn't afford him to attend regular school and instead sent him to a mercantile apprenticeship. Cleveland's father had the family move around a bit, due to his missionary callings, but had trouble supporting a family of 11. As Cleveland got older, he helped teach blind students with his brother, before landing in a law internship earning his degree. Cleveland is the only president to have served two non-consecutive terms and to earn more popular votes than Franklin Roosevelt. Cleveland accomplished many good things while in office and was praised for his integrity and honesty. Along with exposing and fighting political corruption, Cleveland also opposed high tariffs, the free silver movement, inflation, and imperialism.

    The Denver Mint has earned the title of lead coin producer in the world and participates in the minting the Presidential Dollar series, resulting in a stunning collection. Grover Cleveland's portrait is featured on the obverse as well as his single term he served. The dollar's date of mintage and mint-mark are inscribed on the coin's rim. The Presidential Dollar series resembles a golden coin, due to the copper/brass metallic composition. The reverse design features the Statue of Liberty, with the coin's legal tender value. All rolls come with 25 coins per roll and are usually sealed in mint-packaged paper. Please give us a call so we can check our ever-growing inventory to see how these brilliant uncirculated coins are packaged. Gleaming with the brilliant uncirculated finish, the Presidential Dollar series is ready for any collector who enjoy a little of American history!

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