Peace Dollars Brilliant Uncirculated 1000 pcs.

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    When the Pittman Act of 1918 went into effect, the US Mint was required to begin the minting process of silver dollars again. The Morgan silver dollar's design was ready to go and so it was used in 1921. But numismatists lobbied for another design, one that reflected the peace won in World War I. After several attempts of getting Congress involved, the government passed the new design. The Goddess of Liberty was chosen for the obverse, wearing a tiara of light around her delicate head. The Peace Silver dollar is the first US silver dollar to memorialize peace for the nation and specifically from World War II.

    Collectors have known about the Peace Silver Dollar for decades but the silver investors have only recently been encouraged to consider the 90% silver gems. Like the Morgan, the Peace Dollar is a part of a dying breed of 90% silver coins minted before 1965. Not only are these coins considered an intrinsic investment but with various different mintages, are also thought of high numismatic value coins. Unless you are an avid coin collector, looking for the most pristine coin in every date and mint-mark, then collecting the 90% Peace Dollars isn't something that would catch your attention. But when these pristine, low mintage coins are put into a bulk order for you, then the idea becomes much more appealing. The Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollars are packaged into tubes of 20 coins, equating to 1,000 pieces for the order. In one swipe, you can enjoy the benefits of owning highly numismatic and intrinsic coins without the hassle. Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Dollars have the original mint luster and contain absolutely no wear. Although there may be bag or contact marks, brilliant uncirculated dollars are the most popular coins in the industry!

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