Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1886-O

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    Due to the Pittman Act of 1918, many Morgans were melted for their 90% silver content, making many high mintage coins a more rare find. Depending on the year, it is difficult to find Morgans that have a condition that is close to uncirculated. Over 10 million coins were minted in 1886 at the New Orleans Mint but since many were either melted or placed into circulation, they have become a rare find. The 1886-O Morgan is one of those hard to find years since most of them were either placed into circulation or melted for their silver content. Your 1886-O Morgan carries the "O" mint-mark on its reverse to signify where it was minted. This coin is in fine condition, a highly sought after grade for this year. Morgans that are in fine condition are expected to have heavy wear on Lady Liberty and the eagle on the reverse.

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    • Year: 1886
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