Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1885-S

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    Most of Morgans were either placed into circulation or melted, due to the Pittman Act of 1918. Finding the 1885-S Morgan in decent condition can be quite difficult so expect high premiums when you find a non-circulated Morgan. Only 1.5 million 1885-S Morgans were minted, causing their numismatic value to rise throughout the years. There were four reputable mints that produced the Morgan silver dollar. Only the San Francisco Mint and the Philadelphia Mint are still in production today. The San Francisco Mint was first established in order to supply a place gold miners could sell their gold. It ended up being a very lucrative business, turning out $4 million dollars of gold in its first year. Your 1885-S Morgan carries the "S" mint-mark and is in fine condition, exhibiting wear on Lady Liberty and the eagle's feathers. Owning any Morgan from the San Francisco Mint means you are investing in a great quality coin!

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    • Year: 1885
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