Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1890-O

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    Your 1899-O Morgan has been minted in New Orleans and carries the "O" mint-mark. Also referred to as the Old Mint, the New Orleans mint was one of the larger US mint branches to produce the Morgans. Once it was decommissioned in 1909, it became a variety of things. The Old Mint has been used as a fallout shelter, a storage facility, and even an assay office. Now, it stands empty but with pride, since it was pronounced an official historic landmark. While the Morgan embarked on its last full decade as the silver dollar, there were other events taking place that would affect the future of this country. The voting process became progressive when the voting machines were approved for federal elections. The US and Spain signed a peace treaty, ending the Spanish-American War. Your Morgan is in fine condition, exhibiting large amounts of wear on the total surface of the coin, making the designs smooth and less detailed.

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    • Year: 1890
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