Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1888-O

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    Many might wonder why the US holds the Lady Liberty to such high esteem. She isn't just on our currency, she also stands 305 feet tall in New York's harbor. The fabulous Lady Liberty design graces all of the US currency because it is the law. Due to the Mint Act, it became mandatory for all US coinage to display "an impression emblematic of liberty." George T. Morgan was an assistant engraver for 30 years before he was announced the Chief Engraver for the United States Mint. Morgan's design accentuates Lady Liberty at a very up close angle. Your 1888-O Morgan was minted in New Orleans, also known as the Old Mint, and is considered to be in fine condition. Morgans, that are in fine condition, generally are known to contain heavy wear on both sides of the coin. Because of this amount of wear, the coin itself has a very smooth surface.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1888
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