Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1888

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    Some interesting events that also happened in 1888 were: Susan B. Anthony organized the "Congress for Women's Rights" in Washington D.C. Benjamin Harrison was elected president after Cleveland, and the National Geographic was founded. The Washington Monument also opened for the public in this year. Your 1888 Morgan has been minted in Philadelphia and carries no mint mark. The Philadelphia Mint is one of two last-standing Mints that produced to Morgan silver dollar from 1878-1904 and is the first ever US mint facility. The Founding Fathers strongly desired for the US to establish a national identity and set-up a means to international commerce. The US needed to put itself on the map and establishing a currency was the way to do it. Your Morgan is considered to be fine condition, with heavy wear around Lady Liberty's portrait and the eagle on the reverse.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1888
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