Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1882-S

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    Any Morgan minted in the San Francisco Mint has a reputation of being the best Morgans made. It even has been proven by collectors, when they compare other mint-marks to the "S", that the ones minted in San Fran are made of a better quality. George T. Morgan, the engraver of the Morgan, wanted to reveal this national symbol in another way and he was successful. As beautiful as her face is, it is just her face present on the obverse of every Morgan silver dollar, without her famous slender figure. Many designers have designed portraits of the Lady but have never tried to depict her at a different angle. Lady Liberty is usually displayed as a tall, thin, lady who is wearing a light-weight dress that easily flows around her. Your 1882-S Morgan is in fine condition, with wear on the total surface of the coin.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1882
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