Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Extra Fine Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    With each passing year, more and more people are jumping on the Morgan Silver Dollar bandwagon and with good reason! The Morgan is one of the longest lasting US dollars to ever be in production and is comprised of 90% silver. This not only means more opportunity for ownership but it also attracts in investors who collect silver bullion. The Morgan Silver Dollar has two values: numismatic and intrinsic. Since 1921 is one of the most common years minted for the Morgan, anything minted before then is more highly sought after. The Pre-1921 Extra Fine Morgan Silver Dollars, offered in rolls of 20, contains mixed dates and mint-marks for the interested collector. With Morgans in Extra Fine condition, they contain wear around Lady Liberty's hairline, ear, and cheeks and still possess some of the original mint luster. If you are an investor, who would like to invest in Morgans but don't have the time to collect each individual coin, then this mixed date roll is for you!

    George T. Morgan was the English engraver responsible for the marvelous Morgan silver dollar design. Morgan started out in England, where he learned and mastered all of the ways of an engraver. Then, he moved to the US where he was hired as the assistant engraver to chief engraver, William Barber, at the US Mint. Morgan worked at the mint for almost 40 years before earning the position of chief engraver when Barber died. The Morgan dollar was in production from 1878-1904, then one last production in 1921, before the Peace dollar took over. Since the Morgan contains 90% silver, it took the government many bills and repeals to afford to produce tons of silver dollars. Reaching into their silver reserves, the government reauthorized the minting of these Morgans to completion.

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