90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves 100 pcs.

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    The Walking Liberty Half Dollar came to production by replacing the Barber half dollars. The Barber half dollars were designed by Chief Engraver at the time, William Barber, and stayed in circulation for a very long time. Adolph Weinman won a competition for the design that would be featured on the half dollar and he chose the magnificent Walking Liberty. Weinman was chosen that same year to design the Mercury dime and both designs were highly popular. Their only downfall was their intricate designs became extremely difficult to make into a die, causing many problems with the minting machines. The 90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves Bag contains 100 Walking Liberty Half Dollars, which is the equivalent of $50 face value. With junk silver, it is fair to expect circulated coins that are still fully intact and dates still readable. The readable dates do not carry any numismatic value, hence the term "junk" since the low-mintage dates are sold at a higher premium.

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★★★★★ nice
These are actually much better than cull condition, good detail.
★★★★ Great service
★★★★★ Good Company
I have made purchases from Golden Eagle for years. I have had no problems with my purchases and when I have called with questions they have been very helpful and are also extremely knowledgeable. This is a company you can trust.