90% Silver Franklin Halves 100 pcs.

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    The 90% Silver Franklin Halves are available in smaller bags with only 100 coins. Ever since the 90% silver has become more popular, investors like the option of having the control over how much they invest in. Our 90% Silver Franklin Halves 100 piece bag is just the right fit for any budget or investment goal. The 90% Silver Franklin Halves Bag contains 100 Benjamin Franklin half dollars and are worth $50 in face value. 90% silver is also called "junk silver," and is invested in solely for its silver content. 90% silver coins do not carry any numismatic value and that is the reason behind the term, "junk." The dates and mint-marks will be common and mixed.

    Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father, who also had many other roles. These roles include but weren't limited to a free mason, a scientist, an inventor, a writer, a publisher, a printer, a politician, an activist, and a diplomat. To honor this ambitious Founding Father, the US Mint decided to make a half dollar of Benjamin Franklin. The Benjamin Franklin half dollar was minted in three of the US Mints: Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. The Franklin half dollar was in circulation from 1948-1965, to make way for the new Kennedy half dollar. The controversial design reveals a side portrait of Benjamin Franklin, with the coin's date of mintage next to it. The reverse depicts the famous Liberty Bell, with its crack down the middle, and also contains the coin's legal monetary denomination. Due to the Mint Act, passed when the first mint in the US was established, the US Mint was required to detail the coin's legal tender value on the actual coin.

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