90% Silver Kennedy Halves 100 pcs.

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    Just months after JFK was assassinated, the Kennedy half dollar was minted to honor the late president. The US Mint combined a few portraits, of the president, before his death to create the famous side profile picture. The widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, was consulted several times about the final design of the Kennedy half dollar and although she wanted his portrait to be of his whole face, not a side portrait. Since a full portrait would take longer than desired, to get this coin into currency ASAP, the side profile was the final cut. The 90% Silver Kennedy Halves bag contains 100 Kennedy half dollars, with a total face value of $50. Since the Kennedy half dollar was minted immediately after the president was assassinated, most of these half dollars were collected and kept as a part of history. Unfortunately, that part of history is only valuable for its 90% silver content but doesn't carry a high numismatic value.

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