90% Silver Standing Liberty Quarters 100 pcs.

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    The Standing Liberty Quarter was minted for only 15 years before being replaced by Washington Quarter. The design of the Standing Liberty came as a breath of fresh air at a time when Roosevelt desired to bring back art on currency. After several revisions, the Standing Liberty depicts a warrior-like Lady Liberty, wearing chain mail on her chest and is holding a shield with one hand. The other hand is holding an olive branch, signifying peace. The date of mintage is inscribed underneath Liberty's sandaled feet. The reverse features a large eagle in flight, with the coin's monetary denomination of a quarter dollar. From a very militaristic theme to dolphins to a more peaceful Liberty, the Standing Liberty Quarter has come a long way during its production.

    The 90% Silver Standing Liberty Quarters contains 100 coins, ranging from good to vg condition. The 90% Silver Standing Liberty Quarters 100 piece bag will contain several different dates but is sold strictly for its silver content. Being US currency, investors and collectors enjoy the 90% silver and take comfort in knowing it is widely recognizable for trading purposes. Any quarter, dime, or half dollar minted in 1964 or before contain 90% silver metal content and 10% copper nickel alloy. The Standing Liberty Quarters series often hangs in the background, while the Washington Quarters and Barber Quarters get the most attention. When it comes to 90% silver, it doesn't matter the popularity of a series so take advantage of the lower premium!

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