90% Silver Mercury Dimes 1000 pcs.

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    Often mistaken for the Greek god, Mercury, the Winged-Liberty was uniquely designed by German-American sculptor, Adolph Weinman. Weinman aspired to portray a younger Lady Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap. Due to the Mint Act of 1792, the US coins must include an emblem of liberty, whether it's an eagle or actually Lady Liberty herself. Although the design of the Mercury dime was respected and admired, due to several die difficulties, it wasn't a favorite to actually produce. The Mercury dime gave the US Mint difficulties from 1916-1945, then the Roosevelt dime was selected as the new dime. The 90% Silver Mercury Dime bag consists of 1,000 dimes, making the bag contain a face value of $100. Holding onto any quantity of Mercury dimes is constantly a challenge, since they are becoming less available due to popularity. Diversify your silver collection and enjoy owning the collectible Mercury dimes.

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ Very Good Quality, and Value
★★★★★ Very nice
Since this was the last bag of 1000 in stock, I bought it a little ahead of my schedule. These dimes are in excellent circulated condition. The 1000 bags are still out of stock, but the 100 bags are now available; for how long I don't know since the demand for silver U.S. coins remains strong.
★★★★★ Good Quality
★★★★★ perfect
★★★★ They are mostly for silver content but I found some keepers.
★★★★★ Perfect- wish I had 10,000 more :)
The farmer said, what are you going to give me for those apples?"
★★★★★ very pleased with my coins