90% Silver Washington Quarters 1000 pcs.

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    Celebrating George Washington's 100th birthday, the Washington Quarter was first minted in 1932 and has been the official US quarter since.The only attribute, of the Washington quarter, that would be changed through the years was its alloy composition. Unfortunately in 1965, the quarter went from containing 90% silver to containing a nickel-copper alloy. Although it was the Standing Liberty quarter that would get cut from circulation, the bicentennial committee had their eyes on ending the Walking Liberty half dollar. The 90% Silver Washington Quarters bag consists of 1,000 quarters and contains a face value of $250. All 90% silver is sold for its silver content and not for speciality dates or better condition coins. Those are available individually and sold at a higher premium than the circulated 90% silver coin bags. The Washington Quarters are among the most popular 90% silver coins bought and at such an achievable price, it's hard to look the other way!

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