Peace Dollars Almost Uncirculated Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    The Peace dollar was first minted in 1921, as a result to the Pittman Act of 1918, and as a way to memorialize the peace attained by the US after World War I. The Peace dollar was the first US silver dollar to represent peace by featuring goddess of Liberty on the obverse. The goddess resembles the tall statue that stand in New York City's harbor, after 130 years of being built. At the time, the Peace Dollar wasn't received as well as the US Mint had hoped, causing an overproduction of the coin. Thousands of BU Peace Dollars were sent away to the US Treasury and stored in canvas bags until the 1960's. Ever since, the Peace Dollar has gained popularity among collectors, due to the limited amount available for such a short collection.

    Recently, investors have been encouraged to join the Peace and Morgan Silver Dollar phenomenon for various reasons. The Peace Dollar is the last 90% silver dollar to ever be minted and is becoming more difficult to find. 90% silver, in general, is a dying breed, since the US Mint stopped using silver for their currency coins in 1965. The production of the Peace Dollar was also more controlled, compared to today's Silver Eagle, lending to lower mintages and higher numismatic value. For investors, keeping a diverse collection is key in the silver market. With 90% silver constantly increasing in demand, there will be a time when it will no longer be easily accessible for an achievable price. The Almost Uncirculated Peace Dollars still slightly show their original mint luster, with a small amount of wear on the main image details. The Almost Uncirculated Peace Dollars are packaged in a roll of 20 coins and contain mixed dates and mint-marks. Dollar rolls are the ideal way to get your feet wet in the 90% dollar market without committing to too high a premium.

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