90% Silver Franklin Halves Roll (20pcs.)

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    The 90% Silver Franklin Halves Roll is conveniently packaged in a plastic tube and contains 20 coins. The 90% Silver Franklin Halves Roll will also accommodate mixed dates and mint-marks, all of which are in circulated condition. 90% silver is often referred to as junk silver, due to the lack of numismatic value of the coins and is not pertaining to the actual condition the coins are in. Some aspects of 90% to expect are circulated coins, close to the good-very good condition with dates still readable, and they contain 90% silver. 90% silver coins are also still recognized as US currency so trading will be easier than pure silver products. It's important to keep a diverse collection in precious metals and the 90% Silver Franklin Halves Roll is the perfect start!

    The Franklin Half Dollar was minted from 1948-1963 in the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints. This half dollar depicts one of the Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, and was admired by the US Mint's director at the time. Apart from aiding in the making of a country, Franklin wore many other hats. These hats included being a scientist, an inventor, an activist, a politician, an author, a printer, a freemason, and a diplomat. The director had the Chief Engraver design the half dollar, although the Chief Engraver would die before seeing to the completion of the half dollar. Although the design wasn't approved by the Commission of Fine Arts, the design was still put through to be struck. The Franklin Half Dollar is considered legal tender but due to its 90% silver content, its intrinsic value is highly sought after by collectors and investors.

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